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I am a passionate photographer currently residing in the Central Valley. I was born and raised partially in the East Bay and later in Tracy, CA, where I then discovered my love for photography. I found myself drawn to capturing moments with my family, dogs/cats, and concerts. Over time, this hobby turned into a passion that I pursued with enthusiasm.

Here's a fun fact about me: I used to win radio contests all the time throughout high school which brought me to my obsessions with concerts. You can always catch me at my favorite artists shows- and yes also Outside Lands *eyes emoji*.

you can say the words photography, concerts, and food and I'm there

i'm Kristina,

While I mostly hike with my boyfriend, I also enjoy going on hikes with my best friend Sabrina. We often find little trails to explore and ALWAYS find ourselves getting winded within seconds due to us being out of shape. Don't worry, we are trying to work on that- hence the hiking LOL. Despite us running out of breath, we always have a great time and make unforgettable memories.

When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm hiking with my friends and boyfriend.

Santa Cruz
Long Beach

Half Moon Bay
Mt. Tamalpais

Carmel By-the-Sea
Big Sur
Pismo Beach

My favorite places to visit in California

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